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Munch counter PRO

1.21 usd

Munch counter is one of the best assistant that will help while you are playing Munchkin Game, it has a friendly interface, easy to use that will help the players to keep track of their levels, battle power, gear. Also it has the battle screen that helps features such as: keep track for one-shots items use in battle, adding a Munchkin player that join the combat, add addition monsters from unexpected Wandering Monster and other cards, in overview all features for whenever Munchkins are out/in combat that allow players to have a good time playing a Munchkin game.App translated into Russian and English.
PRO version features:*No advertising*You can change application background* Statistics wins and quantity games for each player.* Statistics for the game. Who killed more monsters, who get or lose more levels, etc.
Main functions:* Edit character - Keep track of specific gear parts and hireling for each player.* Battle mode - Fight monsters in battle, you can call a friend for help.* Zoom in - a useful feature when playing on a small screen.* Table score - Look who's ahead in terms of strength and combat.* Combat log - Check the log, everything is recorded.* Dice - Cube was lost - it does not matter, throw virtual dice.* Curse - Visual display who is cursed.* Timer - tired of waiting for their turn. Play fast mode.
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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the">GURPS system from">Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.